Vital statistics
Name Jiro
First Appearance Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Unknown
Alignment Evil

Jiro was a large dog demon that was owned by Susumu's Mother.

Appearence Edit

Jiro was a demon resembleing a large dog with a big set of teeth and blank pupiless eyes.


Jiro was a demon that was summond by Susumu's mother to beat and maim the boy, each night before his father got home Jiro and Susumus mother would harm the boy until his father got home. One night Susumu met with his freind Tare Makimura who he told everything to, Tare said he could stay at his home for the night however on the way they encounter his mother and Jiro, however they both appear freindly towards the boys, however when they got home the two revealed their demon forms and chase Susumu around the house before Susumu's father arived home, he had also been possesed by a demon and the three go on to slaughter Susumu.

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