Jun Fudo is the main protagonist of the manga series Devilman Lady. She is sent to work alongside Lan Asuka to hunt down rogue Devilbeasts and either kill them or try to rehabilitate them. At the end of the manga, Jun is revealed to be half of Satan, with Lan being the other half.


Jun was a young woman in her early twenties. In her base form she has long black (or dark brown depending on the artwork) hair and brown eyes. As Devilman Lady, she becomes taller with eyes that vary from being brown, blue, or red depending on the artwork. She resembles the Devilman form of Akira, but her skin is pale and has hair growing over her shoulders, forearms, lower legs, and private areas. Most of the hair on her head turns into large bat-like wings and she has a pair of antenna sticking out of her head. She also had a thin spade tipped tail.


When Jun was introduced she was a sophisticated and good natured person who always looked out for others. When she was younger, Jun was very competitive which was a sign of her status as a Devilman. Jun always loved sports but stops whenever she hit a wall such as when she could never overcome Aoi.

After her first transformation into Devilman Lady, she starts to become more aggressive and instinctive attacking most enemies on sight with little mercy. However thanks to the enzymes Jun received throughout her childhood, she is able to keep her sentience and sense of right and wrong. This does not mean that she has no violent and even lustful tendencies without help as she would angrily shout at someone when she was in a self-induced mood and even had sex with an unconscious Devil Beast that she did not particularly enjoy. It was only after her encounters with Akira Fudo that Jun is able to control her power without fully succumbing to the added temptations.

Jun had a rather strained relationship with her parents having lived apart from them for the later half of her life but still loved them. She loves her brother Hikaru and took care of him with their parents away until he left for university.

Jun has a rather complex relationship with Lan Asuka as they do not always see eye-to-eye but work together. While Lan is more aggressive in her role against the Devil Beasts and tries to get Jun to do the same, Jun tries her best to rehabilitate them. Jun's abilities have surprised even Lan with results that not even she expects. Jun is a little creeped out from Lan's attraction to her but considers her to be her best friend in the field. Upon finding out that she and Lan are half-siblings, Jun accepts her like family. Jun was more than suprised when Lan had turned into a man and had sex with her making a fetus that was later taken over by Akira Fudo. At the end of the series, Lan and Jun merge together to become Satan again.

Jun and Aoi Kurosaki were initially rivals for when Jun tried to apply for the Olympics and always coming behind Aoi. Aoi however was in love with Jun and only wanted to get her attention. Even after Aoi's Devilbeast powers surfaced, Jun tried to help Aoi and managed to destroy the Devilbeast after Aoi separated from it. However, the encounter with Aoi made Jun a little fearful of her especially when Aoi had become a Devilman and showed lustful feelings towards Jun. When Aoi attempted to rape Jun and kill Asuka near the end of the manga, Jun was forced to kill her as Aoi pronounced her feelings for her.

Jun met Akira when she fell into Hell with Akira showing Jun how Hell works and protecting her from threats while showing her the way back home. Jun quickly falls in love with Akira and even makes love to him in mid-flight during their travels. Even after Jun left Hell and forgot Akira's name she never forgot the love she had for him, remaining loyal to him even when other people tried to pursue her. Jun's devotion to Akira had Jun design the Devilman Ghost suit for Akira to use, correctly believing the Devilman mask was how Akira tried to communicate with her. At the end of the manga, Jun meets Akira after giving birth to a child that Lan had Akira's spirit take over and tearfully said goodbye to him as she and Lan became Satan. With this revelation, it is unknown if Jun's feelings for Akira were her own or simply inheritance from Satan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Human Condition Edit

Before her transformation Jun was an Olympic level swimmer and a highly skilled athlete excelling at many physical abilities and sports. She was rather intelligent getting good grades in school and processing the correct kind of information for certain cases.

Devilman Form Edit

As Devilman Lady, Jun has far fewer powers than her male counterpart Akira; however she is able to make up for this due to her incredible agility, speed, and strength that allow her leap at great bounds and has deadly claws which she could use to rip apart flesh. Jun retains her intelligence in this form allowing her to better adapt to a situation than most other Devilbeasts or Devilmen. The wings on her head allow Jun to slow her falls as well as offer some form of controlled free fall. During her time in Hell, Jun is able to influence her abilities and powers shown by shooting bullets of energy at opponents. Jun had not brought back all of her abilities after escaping Hell but she became able to sprout a massive pair of wings that allow her to fly and she can retract them at any time she wanted. She is also able to grow to a gigantic size comparable in height to Demon Lord Dante.


Lady Awakens Edit

Jun is first introduced as she sleeps late at night, she is shown having a nightmare about a mysterious woman dressed in swimming gear. She suddenly awakens to find herself sweating and goes to shower, as she does so however she is watched by another mysterious woman through a window.

Later on in the morning she arrives at her school and is asked by her co-worker Mr. Okawa to take the school's tennis team up into the mountains to train. After arriving and setting up one of the girls notices several men attending the cabin, Jun realizes that they were all students from the Greater East Asian College and warns the kids to avoid them knowing the dangerous rumors that related to the college.

Unfortunately later on that night the said students confront Jun and several of her students and after a while they start to pursue Jun's students and become monsters. The situation is watched by a mysterious blonde woman. Horrified by the sight Jun sees before her, she doesn't notice one of the creatures set down behind her before it grabs and throws her against a wall. It sets down on her and begins to rape her, however Jun begins to hear a voice in her head telling her to release herself. At that moment her body begins to change, gaining bat wing like ears, black fur across her body and a long spaded tail, she then stabs her tail through the eye of the creature before decapitating it completely. The other creatures notice this and a bloody battle breaks out, with Jun killing all the creatures.

A little while later several armed soldiers come bursting in through the door only to find Jun sitting against the stairs with the injured girls in her lap unconscious, behind them enters the strange blonde woman who walks over to Jun as the soldiers survey the scene. She tells her what had happened to her and how the monsters came to be, and that her name was Lan Asuka an agent for the Human Alliance.

The next morning Jun is shown at the bedside of one of the students who was attacked. At first the girl has a fit once she saw her, however her parents soon calm her down and tell her Jun rescued her and the other girls. Outside Jun is greeted by Lan who informs her that all the students had been brainwashed by the H.A, although it is revealed that she is more worried about whether or not she would transform again. Lan tells her that she should go ahead and transform, only deepening Jun's worry. 

Revelation Edit

Back at her home, Hikaru tries to comfort her saying that the amount she saved was incredible before he leaves for a friends house. This however leaves Jun feeling somewhat guilty about lying to him. Almost as soon as he left, Lan enters. Jun is shocked at her sudden appearance, with Lan telling her that that she owned the apartment next door with a secret passage connecting them to her room. Lan informs her that someone was waiting for her next door, despite being apprehensive at first, Jun goes to see only find out that it was her father Masato Fudo.

Jun was very upset that her transformation into Lady was because of her father, becoming Lady right in front of him until she was calmed down. Masato explains to Jun about how the signs of her being a Devilman were evident at an early age so he and his wife had prepared special enzymes for her that she was secretly given. Masato and Lan go further by stating that the cases that included the transformed monsters she saw the previous night were Devil Beasts, mutated humans that have lost their will to the Devilbeast Syndrome.

After further explanations, they explained the need for Jun as Lady to fight against these threats lest the Devil Beasts uncontrolled rampage may not be so easily contained. Jun accepts but worries about what might happen to herself and the people around as she takes the job.

Initial Missions Edit

During her first missions, Jun is faced against a multitude of Devil Beasts that have hiding in human society including a co-worker who was trafficking female students, an idol and her mother, and her childhood rival Aoi Kurosaki. Jun is forced to fight them all as Lady each with consequences that affect her originally calm demeanor. Time with Lan also affects Jun's psyche as she wants to know more about her while also growing dependent on her such as during the battle with the vampire village. When more attacks become vicious particularly with a girl named Akemi, Jun begins to doubt herself when she is killed by Asuka's guard Liger. She also meets the investigator Seiji Hayami and even shares her secret with him.

Before the Fall Edit

With Jun's jobs becoming more and more severe and Jun becoming more vicious, matters only get more complicated. When one of her students is revealed to be a squid-like Devil Beast, Jun decides to retire from her teaching job while confronting the Devil Beast in a final showdown.

Jun receives another assignment to infiltrate the Grumech Embassy due to suspicious activity. With help from Seiji, who provides Jun with information about the country's religion as well as a place to stay, Jun attempts to keep a low profile so that she is not compromised. She also spots a man that no one else could see. Unfortunately, at a dinner with the royal family, Seiji was killed and Jun is drugged preventing her from using her powers. Jun put through trials for a ritual to bring out their god Vlava. Jun was cleansed by the leader's wife and her aids before Jun was viciously raped by the embassy's male employees one after the other until the leader himself was overtaken by Vlava. Jun was chained to a cross as a sacrifice for Vlava who attempted to rape and eat her. However, a gate to Hell was opened causing Vlava, his followers, and Jun to fall in.

Match Made in Hell Edit

As Jun fell she saw visions of a battle between demons and similar creatures as well as a figure that looked like her. Upon touching the ground, Jun was freed from the cross and encounters the man she saw in the embassy and the visions. The man named Akira explained that what Jun saw were visions of a past that no longer exists. He directs her to a spring where Jun washes off while spotting a small turtle. Akira crushes the turtle revealing that it was his old enemy Jinmen in a different form. Jun speaks how she wants to go home with Akira confirming that is possible but they would have to go through the many stages of Hell. Jun accepts and Akira agrees to act as her guide and to assist her in the fights ahead.

During the trip, they encounter enemies such as Sirene and Kaim. During these scuffles, Jun encounters Vlava and his army. With Jun still traumatized from being raped, she was easily captured and held hostage. With Akira still busy, he told Jun to fight back with the environment of Hell able to bring her thoughts and abilities into reality. With this, Jun was able to escape capture and rejoin Akira in flight. During their descent, Jun asks Akira to help her forget her trauma caused by the embassy and they end up making love in mid-flight.

Continuing their descent, they encounter beings including Charon, Cerberus, and even the Titans. Narrowly avoiding them all they reach the lowest point of Hell, the frozen sector. Akira instructs Jun to materialize clothes to keep herself warm. In this place was supposed to be Satan and the demon king, but strangely only the body of the demon king is present with Satan nowhere to be found. Jun only listens to Akira's past with Satan as he leads her back to her world but is unable to make the journey with her. With this Jun vows never to forget about Akira.

Readjustment Edit

Upon coming back to the living world, Jun notices that some things have changed including that the Grumech Embassy does not exist and Seiji is still alive. Jun remembers about what Akira told her that his world no longer exists much like how the events that caused Jun's fall into Hell never took place. With Jun back, she serves as a leader and mentor to a few Devilmen recruited by H.A. to fight Devil Beasts that have started to become more human. Jun also designed a costume to remain in contact with Akira after she began to forget his name. Akira using this Devilman Ghost costume, in turn protected Jun from Devil Beasts that would use sneak attacks on her. Jun's relationships with others have become rocky at best. Aoi, having joined as Devilman Noir begins to have lustful episodes that Jun has to push away from and Asuka is becoming the only person that Jun can having any peaceful conversation with.

Revelations Edit

Time begins to move on especially as the Devil Beasts begin to be organized with the Cult of Dante. Jun is tasked with finding and defeating them while dealing with other problems including a hunter who hunts down Devil Beasts and Devilmen before killing himself as he became a Devil Beast. Jun learns from her mother that Asuka is actually her older half-sister from her mother's previous marriage and lovingly embraces her, unaware that Asuka had killed their mother with her telekinesis.

Jun prepares for battle with the Cult of Dante wearing battle armor and commanding an army against the church. However, she was vastly overpowered by Judah Hiroka and his contemporary Maria. Half of the Devilmen even joined the enemy side due to this. Jun, cornered regains the ability to assume a giant form and escapes their grasp. Back at H.A. headquarters, the demon king's arrival causes a massive influx of demons including the death a man who had his Devil Beast factor awaken at the same time demons possessed him. Jun manages to calm everyone down and suggests taking some measures to handle the crisis.

In their room, Asuka attempts to court Jun with Jun herself beginning to have a similar feeling as she did with Akira. Aoi as Devilman Noir however intervenes, attempting to rape Jun and kill Asuka. With no choice, Jun is forced to kill Noir as Lady. Falling to the ground, Aoi professes her love to Jun causes her to flinch. Asuka however informs Jun that Aoi's love was selfish and objectifying, not real love at all.

Reunion Edit

With events escalating Jun goes back to her apartment, only to be confronted by Asuka now possessing a male body. Asuka seduces Jun and proceeds to impregnate her. Immediately afterwards, Jun was rushed to H.A.'s emergency medical facility with her fetus growing at a rapid rate. Jun is forced to give birth as Lady in her giant state for both her and the offspring to survive. To Jun's astonishment, the spawn had taken the form of Akira Fudo. Jun is confronted by Asuka again, this time with the company of Demons including Psycho Jenny who awakens Jun's hidden memories. Jun fuses together with Asuka becoming Satan upon sadly realizing she was the angel's other half.


  • Jun's design, while inspired by Devilman is also said to have taken some inspiration from the heroine of a previous Go Nagai collaboration series Hannape Bazooka.
  • In Devilman Grimoire, a teacher named Jun appears, sharing many physical similarities to Fudo.