Jun Lan was a supporting character in the manga Devilman Grimoire, she taught Miki Makimura and was in a lesbian relationship with the swimming teacher Aoi Kurosaki. Near the end she became a Devilman after overpowering Mermane.


Jun was a voluptuous woman in her early twenties, she had long brown hair and blue eyes. In her Devilman form she had purple skin with a pair of large eyes on her shoulders, she had a pair of shells under her breasts. She had a pair of gills on her waist and several short tentacles around her waist and a octopus like head on her crotch, across her breasts is a large toothed mouth. Down the lower half of her arms were fins. She had scaled legs and webbed feet, a large crest on her forehead with a pair of small glowing eyes on it. Her ears were a pair of small down pointing fins and she had a large shark fin on the top of her head with massive fins on either side.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jun in her Devilman form was able to battle with her staff that could easily cut through flesh, she was also able to fly and breathe underwater, being able to swim to great depths.