Kagol was a minor recurring demon first seen in the original Devilman manga, and later in a small role in the Devilman Lady manga.


Kagol was a humanoid demon, with a vauge aquatic feel. He had markings across most of his body long sharpened teeth and a single cyclopian eye.



As Ryo Asuka explained the origins of the demon race to his best friend Akira Fudo, Kagol could be seen during a flashback in a large group shot alongside Naza, Sirene, Lamicabuja and several other demons.

Later in the current time, Kagol is one of the demons sent by Zennon to assist Sirene after she was critically injured by Devilman. He attempts to attack Akira but has his face sliced through with his claws, killing Kagol.

Devilman Lady:Edit

Kagol briefly returns as a part of Vlava's army seen at the forefront of a group shot.