Kaim in Devilman: The Demon Bird

Kaim is a large pachyderm like demon. He was a lifelong friend of Sirene's and unknown to her, he also secretly loved her. Interestingly unlike many demons he showed no hatred or disdain towards humanity, neither Akira Fudo himself, but when Sirene was fatally wounded he sacrificed his life to try and save her.
  • Kaim (Manga): After seeing Sirene flee from a fight as she slowly bled to death, Kaim comes down to save her, killing himself to briefly heighten her powers by fusing with her. Later in Devilman Lady the two defuse and apparently stay together at the end.
  • Kaim (OVA): Similar to the manga, Kaim saves Sirene from death so she could finish her battle.
  • Kaim (CB Chara): A large demon who despite many saying it would never happen, eventually becomes a couple with Sirene. It is later revealed that Psycho Jenny had accidentally placed part of Amon's soul in the body of Kaim.
  • Kaim (Grimoire): More minor than his previous incarnations, he is a demon that fused with a human boy named Todaji.
  • Kaim (AMON): A powerful tank of a demon that was the last of his tribe.
  • Kaim (Crybaby): Sirene's lover, he helps hunt for Amon.