Kensaku Makimura
Vital statistics
Name Kensaku Makimura
Kana 牧村健作
First Appearance Mazinger Angels
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers None
Alignment Good
For other versions of this character see:
Kensaku Makimura (Disambiguation)

Kensaku Makimura is the younger brother of Miki and son of Kozo and Emi Makimura. He was a minor charecteer in the crossover arc Mazinger Angels vs Devilman.


Kensaku was a young Japanses boy aged presumably around 10 to 12, he seems to be based on his manga counterpart rather than his anime one, which is the same as his parents.


After Akira notices something was wrong he rushes into Miki's bedroom only to see Lyamon and Bau holding her captive, they taunt him before disappearing into thin air. Akira enraged punches a wall, leaving a large dent in it, Miki's family hear the commotion and run up to see Miki gone.

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