Kensaku Makimura was the brother of Miki Makimura and the son of Akiko and Kozo Makimura, he is nicknamed Tare due to being easily frightened and wetting himself frequently.                        


Kensaku was a relatively short preteen boy, he had brown hair and brown eyes. In Demon Bird he had short hair, however in Amon its more spiked and outward.


Tare is an easily scared young boy, not helped by demonic attacks in his own home. He got on well with his sister and adopted brother Akira.


Devilman: The Demon BirdEdit

Kensaku is seen near the beginning of the OVA playing a video game with his father, he annoys Miki so she smacks him round the head. Later once his parents had gone to bed he is seen getting food from the kitchen on the way back he finds his parents entrapped in the walls thanks to the demon Agwel. Akira comes by and tells him to hide in his bedroom where he falls asleep.

Amon: The Apocalypse of DevilmanEdit

After Miki arrived home she shouts through the house asking where anybody was. Kensaku comes downstairs and tells him that their parents were out demon hunting. Miki sighs and goes to her room. Meanwhile downstairs Kensaku watches a film Ryo had taken of Akira's first transformation into Devilman, after watching the video he simply stares at the television screen a few seconds before running for his sister telling him Akira could be in danger. However he is suddenly struck in the head with a crossbow bolt. A group of insane men break into the home and then remove Kensaku's head from his body. Miki comes running to find her brother's body, the men then come out and kill her.