Vital statistics
Name Kentos
Kana ケントス
Hepburn Kentosu
First Appearance Devilman (Hiruta Manga)
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Flight
Alignment Flight, Teleporting Necklaces, Bladed feathers, claws
For other versions of this character see:
Kentos (Grimoire)

Kentos is an antagonist in the Devilman manga by Mitsiru Hiruta.


Kentos was a large harpy like demon. He had pure white feathers and giant birds wings. He had blue skin and a large pair of yellow eyes. He had pointed ears and a long tail, his arms and legs were large bird talons tipped with razor sharp claws.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kentos main ability was to create magical necklace's from his loose feathers, the necklaces would be able to teleport the limbs and body parts of who was wearing them to his own dimension, leaving only a shade behind, other powers included flight, and being able to control his razor sharp feathers, he also had sharp claws and a great amount of strength.


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