Vital statistics
Name Kilski, The Crimson Tornado
Kana キルスキイ
Hepburn Kirusukii
First Appearance Devilman (TV): Ep 31
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Unknown
Alignment Evil

Kilski was an ape-like demon that served as the primary antagonist of episode 31 of the 1972 Devilman series. His true form was that of a staff.

Appearance Edit

Kilski appeared to be a sickly ape-like humanoid demon in his normal state. After receiving power, he increased dramatically in mass and vitality. While hunting Lala, he blended in with the human populace by wearing a black suit and fedora.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Kilski is a shapeshifter able to change his mass on a whim.

Personality Edit

Kilski attempts to be smart and skilled but has little common sense, using a mediocre disguise that his enemies can see through. He also has an addiction to vodka.

History Edit

Gallery Edit


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