Kimishima was a young Japanese girl that was being sold for sex by her teacher Mr. Okawa.


Kimishima was a very pretty girl aged at about sixteen years old. She had long brown spikey hair and a very well developed body.


Kimishima is first seen in a resturant sitting alone while Mr. Okawa talks buisness with a thin and ugly man, Okawa calls Kimishima over and introduces the two, lateer Kimishima has sex with the man, however its becomes aparent that she hated this and wanted to quit, and when she started to cry it only excited the man more.

Later shortly after Jun Fudo had returned to teaching, Kimishima asks to speak to Mr. Okawa alone he takes her  to his office and but before she could ask if she could quit having to sell herself, Okawa realiseing that she wanted to quit changed the subject saying that he would give her a raise as it was her body being sold after all. Okawa then makes the girl have sex with him, she dosent refuse as she was scared of the man and she realised there was no point in trying not to.

Later after Okawa had managed to flee from a battle with Jun Fudo, he dresses and prepares to leave the school, however Kimishima calls out his name, he turns as Kimishima runs at him and stabs him in the hart with a knife killing him, she starts to cry and flees the scene, she gets away thanks to Lan Asuka covering up for her saying Okawa died in a car crash.