Vital statistics
Name Lafleur
Kana ラフルール
Hepburn Rafurūru
First Appearance Devilman (TV): Ep 11
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Shape shifting, Tentacle like vines, Sleeping gas, Tentacled hair, Flight, Illusions, Swimming and Able to create small tremors
Alignment Evil
For other versions of this character see:
Lafleur (Hiruta)
Lafleur (Grimoire)
Lafleur (Dynamic Heroes)
Lafleur is the primary antagonist from the eleventh episode of the Devilman anime. Lafleur is a plant like demoness who is sent to try and eradicate Devilman.


Lafleur had several appearances, the main one was similar to a beautiful voluptuous blonde with long and wavy hair, she had full red lips with blue eyes and eyeshadow, she wore several different outfits, each being a  purple revealing clown like flower outfit exposing her cleavage, she also wore matching boots. She also had a gigantic and horrific monster form, with a large mass of thorned vines at the bottom, large purple petals around the neck and blue wrinkled skin. She had large eyes, a massive smile and lengthy blonde hair.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lafleur could shapeshift and emit a powerful sleeping gas from her mouth, she could split into three bodies, her vines and hair could be used for grappling foes, fly, swim in deep water, create illusions and emit tremors.


Lafleur was a seductress with an aloof personality, she was confident of her powers and enjoyed teasing Devilman. She was also apparently in some kind of relationship with Himmler, and while its never revealed quite what he vows vengeance at her death.



  • Before finalization Lafleur's name was instead Raffleshia (ラフレシア), which is in fact a type of parasiteitc flower.
    • Her name itself is French simply for "The Flower".


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