Lala was a major supporting character in the later part of the Devilman anime. Originally a enemy of Devilman (albeit not a very good one), Lala later fell in love with him and betrayed the Demon Tribe to hopefully be with him and joined him in battle against several of Devilman's strongest and most bizarre foes.


Lala was the most human looking of all the demons featured in the show, she was a demoness of shocking beauty with long brown hair and blue eyes that featured a distinct almond shape. However when she sneezed her face became disfigured and ugly. She was first seen wearing a long sparkled cloak, but when she joins Devilman she starts to wear more common fashion including a light blue turtleneck with blue highlights, a magenta skirt, shoes, and a distinct large butterfly pin with curled antenna and pink wings.


Lala was infamous amongst the Demon Tribe for being the dumbest of them all, commonly making mistakes and messing things up due to her own ditzy behavior. But behind her stupidity was a kind heart that wanted what was best for those who deserved it. Lala would often burst into tears who called out on her stupidity, but was flirtatious with nearly all men both human and demon.

Lala was deeply in love with Devilman and she believed that he to was in love with her, but was too shy to admit it. She was willing to try and help him in any way she could; and when it came to choosing between him and her past best friend Aoura, she chooses Devilman and contributes in her defeat.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lala's lack of social skills make her unable to tell how a person is feeling whether they are strangers or even close friends, including the people she wants to get close to. Lala could recreate physical matter into anything with ease, both organic and inanimate able to make ugly people beautiful, rocks into weapons and so on.