Lyamon was a young spiteful and energetic demoness from Episode 8 of the original Devilman Anime Series. She was the little sister of Bau.


A young demon in her late teens. She had bright yellow skin and dark red eyes. She had long scruffy hair and pointed elf like ears. She had a red tail and wore a skin tight purple swim suit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lyamon could hypnotize people and crawl along walls, she could detach and attack with her tail and had a poisoned tounge.


Lyamon deeply cared for her older brother Bau and was deeply loyal to the Demon Tribe. She was however sadistic and took pleasure in telling Devilman that Makimura would die.


Lyamon was summoned by her Lord Zennon to try and kill Miki Makimura to get Devilman to surrender and return to the Demon Tribe. She rudely awakens her brother to tell him that she was going off to Kill Miki and departs on her quest.

She eventually finds Miki and stalks her for a while to her school, at the school she disguises herself as a human named Momoko Iwami, she hypnotizes the class and tries to poison Miki, she is however interrupted and tries again later this time having success sending Miki into a fever. However Lyamon is seen by Devilman who chases her to the roof and causes her to fall of after a short battle.

He strips her near nude and ties her up, he proceeds to whip Lyamon trying to get her to cure Miki but she refuses and calls for her brother. He quickly arrives to see his sister bound in pain enraged he battles with Devilman but after a battle he is defeated, with his dying breath her frees Iyamon from her bounds, she then goes to her brother and promises to avenge him, she leaps up and tries to kill Devilman but is set alight burning her alive, Devilman tries to get the cure from her but Lyamon spitefully tells him there was no cure and dies, this however turns out to be a lie and Miki quickly recovers.