Vital statistics
Name Magistrum, The Judge of Hell
First Appearance Shin Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Various Psychic Abilites
Alignment Evil
Magistrum was Judge of Hell and a powerful demon from Shin Devilman that roamed the Timeslip and was head of the court in the Court of Hell.


Magistrum was an old demon covered in long black hair, he has a large pair of black horns on his head, his face is covered in tiger like stripes, he has large white blank eyes outlined in black, he also has a long hooked nose. His human disguise resembled an old crooked man with a beard and white hair.

Powers and Ability'sEdit

The Judge had many psychic abilities similar to the demoness Psycho Jenny he was able to exist outside of reality in the timeslip, he could break through into reality at any time if he wanted to do so.


Shortly before the french christian Joan of Arc led her army into war in an attempt to end the 100 year war, Magistrum reaches through the Timeslip and drags her in. Inside she comes across the Court of Hell and he beckons her inside were she is sprung upon by demons disguised as men who hold drag her to the front of the court were they accuse her of various sin's she had never committed as they slowly reveal their true demonic form, eventually she tells them that it was God, to which they say that it was a demon and for dealing with a demon she should die, some of his assistants then try to strip her nude before they burn her alive. However Akira Fudo in the guise of Devilman comes walking through and starts slaughtering the demons, Joan runs and hides from the carnage, after killing all the demons he moves in on magistrum and rips off his head, afterwards his Court of Hell crumbles around him.


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