Vital statistics
Name Magoad
First Appearance Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Super Strengh
Alignment Evil
For other versions of this character see:
Magoad (OVA)
Magoad (Grimoire)
Magoad (DvG)
Magoad (Dynamic Heroes)

Magoad was a large dinosaur like demon originally seen in Devilman and has cameoed in every major series since.


Magoad vaguely resembled a sauropodian like demon with large horns on top of his head, his entire body is covered in black markings.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He had no known psychic or projectile attacks, however he possessed a massive amount of strength and could run at great speeds to ram into his enemies.



Magoad is among the many demons seen at the Black Sabbath held by Ryo Asuka. After Ryo starts to kill the guests and cause much bloodshed, demons start to emerge and take over their bodies, one of them was Magoad, he is killed by Akira Fudo after he had merged with Amon.

Devilman Lady:Edit

Magoad is briefly seen in a flashback, when he is reflecting on some of the many demons he had seen his battles before being killed by Satan, among them was Magoad.

Amon: The Apocalypse of the Devilman:Edit

Magoad was seen in the origins of Cadney, he was among the many people seen in the Black Sabbath however when the demon attempted to merge with him it failed, Cadney hid in a corner and started to cry when he saw other demons emerge among them was Magoad.

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