Manjiro 'The Chain' was a member of Masa's gang and a supporting character in the origonal Devilman manga. He has an extended role in the later Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman manga.


Manjiro was the smallest of the gang, he had a thuggish face and short scruffy black hair. In his first appearence he is seen commonly wearing a large beige trenchcoat, and wears his school uniform like the rest of the gang.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Manjiro had no certain special powers, however he was a capable fighter and skilled with useing a bike chain as a weapon.


Manjiro came across as somewhat ruggish in his first appearence, but he is shown to be a genuinely kind person. He was loyal to the gang and Akira Fudo, out of the gang he was seemingly closest to Tetsuya. He is also shown to be care for two children whom he belived to be Devilmen. And he was pure of heart and soul enough to take over the body of the demon who tried to kill him. 



Manjiro is first seen confronting Akira Fudo late one night after school, he along with Masa, Tetsuya and Meriken-Jo after he had previously beaten up Dosu-Roku. They challenge him to a fight, ignoreing Dosu-Roku as he tried to talk them out of it, but all end up knocked out in a matter of seconds, with Manjiro knocked across the floor. When they awaken however they are confornted by a strange girl who offers them a chance to beat him, confused by what she meant they reluctantly agree, and with that dozens of horrific spiders burst from the girls skin and attach themselves to the gang.

The group now possesed go to find Akira. They find both Akira and Miki in a small classroom, however Akira senseing they were possesed becons them to a challenge. They begin to attack however Akira quickly manages to destroy the spider on Meriken-Jo, As Manjiro swings down his chain at Akira he grabs it and throws it at Tetsuya, entalgeing the spider and crushing it when it hit the wall. Akira then proceeds to destroy the spiders attached to Manjiro releasein him from its control. The others are released shortly after. 

After wipeing the blood from his head Akira tells them that they had been possesed, Masa goes in search of the girls body only to find it missing, Akira tells him that she had been completely devoured by the spiders and that if it wernt for him they would have ended up just like her, they all thank him and the five of them offer to fight for him. Akira accepts the offer and they prepare to leave the building.  

However once outside they find themselves surrounded by the school's sports teams, all with the same spiders attached to their head that had previously possesed them. They brace themselves for battle, Manjiro worrying about permantly injuring one of them if he were to miss with his chain, before they begin to fight. 

Akira senses a demon hidden amongst them and goes in search of it, eventually finding it as it reveals itself to be the demon Rasber. He laughs at Akira and disintergrates into the air, slowly all the spdiers do the same before a gigantic horrific face peers down at them from the sky. Suddenly they are all caught up in its web and cacooned. Akira of course quickly kills Rasber and saves them, as all the possesed people depart the school as if nothing had happend.


  • Manjiro was advertised to have a figure of him released by Banpresto, sadly however it was never made.