Masa's Girlfriend
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
First Appearance Devilman Grimoire
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers None
Alignment Neutral
For other versions of this character see:
Unnamed Black Sabbath Victim
Masa's Girlfriend was a minor character from the manga Devilman Grimoire.


A young girl presumably in her late teens. She had shoulder length fair hair and a perked body.


She was first seen with Masa and his gang as they mock Asuka Himura for his rather humiliating encounter with Miki Makimura earlier that day. A little while after, she and Masa begin to have sex in the back off a van while Go and Dosu-Roku had a threesome with a mysterious woman. During the session however, the woman reveals herself to be a demon and she kills both of her partners. In fear Masa and his girl flee for their lives, only to be captured by Sirene shortly after. Later that night, Sirene eats the two of them.


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