Masa was a gang leader and a minor character from Devilman Grimoire.


Masa was a large Japanese gang leader who looked to be in his early twenties, he had black hair in a mullet hairstyle, he wore a large fur coat with a cheetah print.


Masa was seen late one night with some of his gang members teasing Himura after he was humiliated by Miki Makimura in public, after mocking him some more he went into a minivan to have sex with a girl, Dosu-Roku and Jo then see a strange woman looking for a girl, however when they say they haven't seen her they ask if she wanted to have sex, she agrees and goes into the minivan. As they have sex however she reveals herself as a demon named Aleda and kills the two, when Masa and the girl see the demon kill them and they attempt to flee however they are immediately caught by Sirene. Masa is then later killed by Sirene when she bites off his head in anger after hearing about the return of Amon.