Masa Bokuto was the leader of a gang that went to Akira's school, he is a minor character in Devilman: The Birth.


In the OVA, he has a scar across his left eye and replaces the kendo sword with a slingshot equipped with razors. He wore a red and black trench coat and a golden cross necklace.


After Akira finds all but one of the school rabbits dead he is attacked by the gang who had killed the rabbits for target practice. They demand Akira kill the final rabbit. However Akira refuses, which angers Manjiro who begins to attack him kicking him to the ground. However Miki comes running around the corner and starts shouting at them. As the gang leaves Masa says to Akira that he admired his courage before leaving with the others.


  • Masa's appearance may partially be inspired by Tetsuya from the original Devilman manga who was another gang member, Tetsu who had similar scaring across his face.