Masato Fudo is the father of Jun and Hikaru Fudo in the Devilman Lady manga. He and his wife Maria Fudo are scientists who gave Jun secret treatments during her childhood which later help keep her sanity as Devilman Lady. He is later promoted to the Director of the Human Alliance in the battle against the Devil Beasts.

Appearance Edit

Masato Fudo is a middle aged man in his fifties with short black hair worn curly at the front and wears glasses. He is always seen in a business suit whenever he made an appearance.

Personality Edit

Masato is a mild mannered person who loves his family and the good of humanity. However he puts all of his faith into Devilmen, believing that humanity has no future on Earth. He is also willing to perform hidden experiments on Jun to ensure that she does not become a ravenous Devil Beast and set up countermeasures to keep her under control, showing a lack of faith in human will.

Abilities Edit

Masato is an accomplished scientist in the field of biology able to develop ways to keep the Devil Beast factor at bay and give a better chance at developing into a Devilman.

History Edit