Masstuff was a demon from Devilman. He assisted Medoc


Masstuff had the body of a human, only with two heads. Masstuff had a brain in each head with different personality's however they spoke as a singular person

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Not any physical powers, but Masstuff had a great intelligence far supireor to many other demons.


Shortly after Zennon had announced the existence of the demon race to humanity, as well as the announcement of their immediate attack the world goes into panic, however the first attack comes when the town of Tsuringrad was destroyed by an Atomic bomb, this was just the first of a series of bombings engineered by Medok who had taken control of the president of the USSR and Masstuff who had taken control of the minister of security. They continue to bomb the world and then threaten the White House, however at this point in time God finally decides to intervene with the crisis and slowly turns Moscow and all of Moscow, man and demon alike into salt, Masstuff is turned first and Medok succumbs not long after.