Mazinger Angels vs Devilman
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Vital statistics
Author Go Nagai
Illustrator Akihiko Niina
Published on 2006
Published by Kodansha

Mazinger Angels vs Devilman was a three chapter story arc in the Mazinger Angels manga, it has the tv incarnations of Devilman, the Makimura family and the Demon Tribe


The manga begins with Dr. Hell sending the Mechanical Beast Mantes K9 deep into the himilayas to awaken the Demon Tribe, they join forces in an attempt to defeat both the Angels and Devilman.

The scene switches to Naojiro Abashiri lusting over Sayaka Yumi and Miki Makimura, Miki gets annoyed and goes to confront Naojiro but he just flirts with her, however Devilman in the guise of Akira Fudo comes over and beats Naojiro up, however this annoys Miki and she slaps him. Later at the Makimura home she apoligises and leaves to her room where she is kidnapped by the demoness Lyamon. The scene then changes to see the demon Bugo fly over the center of Tokyo and the Mazinger Angels are called out, and they attack Bugo, and it flies away and Akira arrives to see Bugo he transforms only to see the Angels mecha , he attacks them with his devil cutter. Maria Fleed in Minerva X with the Sirene mode fly into the air, but her wings are clipped by Devilman and she falls to the ground. Venus A being piloted by Jun Hono attempts to hit Devilman but she is thrown backwards, Devilman flies off into the sky.

the second chapter begins with Devilman sitting atop Tokyo Tower thinking when about Miki's kiddnapping seeing her kidnapped by Lyamon and Bau and teleporting away, Akira screams and punches wall, the scene swaps to the Angels HQ with the Angels watching some video footage of the Navalon, Jun and Maria are sent to investigate the Navalon after they discover the dissapearence of over 20 people. They get aboard and defeat a group of robots before going further inside, it is then revealed that Devilman was also aboard. The Great Booster is then revealed to Sayaka.

Jun and Maria then find Dr. Hell however they aitre then surronded by demons, they step back and are grabbed by the demoness Mugaruu's tentacles, Zannin reveals himself to them and notices Devilman hideing in the shadows and they talk as Aphrodite A and Minerva X approach the Navalon, a Mechanical Beast is sent out by the name of Grogos G5 and it is shown that all the hostages were attached to the beast, with Miki, Jun and Maria all trapped in the head.

Dr. Hell then reveals that it was impossible for them to hurt Grogos as any attack on the Beast would result in the death hostage, Devilman is then show crucified to a cross atop the Navalon, Zannin tells them they intended to kill Devilman and that he attacked them previously as they had Miki and was told they would kill her if he didnt help them. Grogos G5 attacks and the Angels try to aviod its lunges, Zannin then turns to Devilman and starts to smash into him with his whip like tail, Grogos then fires Miki out from its forhead however its caught by Aphrodite A but Minerva X is then stabbed by Grogos claw. Grogos then fires off the other hostages aswell as its missiles, Aphrodite A grabs the hosatges and Minerva X takes the missiles, however after all the hosatges are saved Devilman escapes and flies into the Grogos G5 and causes it to explode from the inside. Dr. Hell flees on the Navalon but is chased by The Great Booster, He sends Bugo and the Mechanical Beast Haribyun Y6 to stop it but they are killed and the booster impacts with the Navalon and destroys the ship. Afterwards Devilman walks home with Miki, and the other hostages are freed from their capsules, it then ends with Sayaka Yumi pondering on who Devilman really was.

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