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Mazinger vs Devilman
Vital statistics
Director Tomoharu Katsumata
Writer Susumu Takahisa
Release date July 18, 1973
Studio Toei Animation

Mazinger vs Devilman is a 1973 movie crossover between the Devilman and Mazinger Z anime. It is not canon to either series as it features alternative accounts of events from both of them. A story-arc in Gosaku Ōta's manga adaption of the Mazinger Z anime is based on this film.



  • Devilman: The arrogant traitor of the Demon tribe, he refused to kill humanity and instead became its prime protector.
  • Koji Kabuto: The hot headed pilot of the mighty Mazinger Z, initially distrusting and disliking Devilman, however he trusts him more after Koji finds out Devilmans secret.
  • Dr. Hell: An evil and insane mad scientist who planned world domination with his lieutenants, however he was always stopped by the Mazinger Z.
  • Sirene: A beautiful demoness with a horrific true face, she was Zannin's best soldier and was the first to be revived.
  • Zannin: A powerful and deadly demon, the leader of the infamous Demon Tribe and sworn enemy of Devilman.
  • Bugo: A small amorphous demon who could change his body to match his surrondings in the best way.
  • Sayaka Yumi: Koji's girlfriend and the pilot of the Aphrodite A.
  • Baron Ashura: One of Hell's most powerful lieutenants, not to say Ashura didn't have plans to take power for her/himself if they could.
  • Gennosuke Yumi: The owner of the Photon Power Labratory and father to Sayaka.

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