Mazinger Z vs Devilman
Mazinger-Z 02 081
Vital statistics
Author Gosaku Ōta
Illustrator Gosaku Ōta
Published on 1973/4
Published by TV Magazine

Mazinger Z vs Devilman is a story-arc in Gosaku Ōta's manga adaption of the Mazinger Z anime. It is based on the Mazinger Z VS. Devilman anime film.



  • Koji Kabuto: The teenage pilot of the Mazinger Z, he joins with Devilman to fight their combined foes.
  • Devilman: A demon traitor, he fights for humankind against the demon race.
  • Sirene: A female bird demoness who served closely under Zannin in the war against humanity.
  • Dr.Hell: An evil mad scientist who joins forces with the demon tribe to battle their respective enimes.
  • Zannin: A gruff powerfull demon lord who was in charge of the demon tribe.
  • Bugo: A slime like shapeshifting demon.


  • In the climax against the Mechanical Beasts, Tauros D7 is strangely absent whilst all the other Beast's from the film are present.
  • Whilst the main demons are based on the three from the crossover film, several demons from the original Go Nagai Manga appear.

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