Medoc was a parasite demon that fused with the president of the USSR in Russia, he attempted to launch nuclear missiles across the world but was stopped by otherworldly forces.


Medoc was a parasite-like demon. When merged with a human, he had a pair of small white eyes above a set of larger red compound eyes, tendrils hanging down from his face and green skin.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Whilst not showing off any powers Medoc is apparently one of the most intelligent and smartest demons as he self proclaimed at a few points, having target and successfully hijacking the body of a powerful politician.


Medoc showed great loyalty to the demon race and was incredibly arrogant. He did show fear towards his leader Zennon however.


Medoc hijacked the body of Russia's leader as many other of the country's leaders were also taken over. When Admiral fires several nuclear missiles at Moscow thanks to demon manipulation, the American President quickly phones to warn Russia so they can try and destroy the missiles before impact. Medoc however, simply mocks him and tells him that they will let the missiles hit and would then fire their own across the world. However the moment he slams the phone down a massive white light shines through the windows.

Medoc asks his aide Masstuff what was happening however the demon says he didn't know claiming that not one of his two heads had any knowledge on this. The entirety of Russia is then slowly absorbed by the mysterious bright light, wiping out demon and human alike. Medoc attempts to flee after seeing Masstuff disintegrated by the white light. However the light envelops him and slowly burns him away into nothing.


  • Medoc was advertised to have a figure made by Medicom, but it was never made.