Medusa was the lover of Dante and a main supporting character. She is voiced by Rie Ishizuka in the Japanese version and voiced by Linda Borg in the English dub.


In the anime, Medusa appears as a young woman with long red hair. While in demon form, she gains facial markings, the innards of her mouth become bluish green, and her hair becomes more wild looking while appearing seemingly naked.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Medusa could change between her human disguise and demon form, she could use her hair like extra limbs and could turn any living creature to stone via her glare, she was also able to create illusions similar to her manga counterpart.


Medusa was a caring and friendly girl who was in love with the demon Dante.


  • Her appearence in the anime interestingly resembles, and is very similar in abilities to, the Inhuman Marvel Comics character of the same name, Medusa. The thing that is interesting about this is: Medusa of the Inhumans debuted in 1965 (6 years before the original Mao Dante manga released). Whether this means anything is uncertain.
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