Meg was a slug-like demoness who was the antagonist of the eighteenth episode of the Devilman anime. She caused men to fall in love with her and fight to the death over her using pheromones.


Meg's true appearance was a large purple slug-like creature, she stood several meters tall with her human-like face located on her stomach surrounded by a black mark, and another yellow eyed head with three long antenna on the top. She had gangly arms with small claws and her legs formed into a long trail. When in flight her arms would extend into wings.

Her human disguise named Mayako is an attractive young woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. Her clothing consisted of a fuchsia vest and yellow skirt with a white shirt.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like all members of the Demon Tribe, Meg could assume a human form for blending into society and for her own plans. Meg's main power was to emit powerful pheromones which would make men fall madly in love with her, and would fight each other to the death just to be with her. She could emit a powerful slime like substance that would harden in seconds, and sprout wings for flight.


Meg was a possible misandrist meaning she hated men, she enjoyed watching them viciously attack each other just to be with her. However, she was deathly afraid of frogs.