Meriken-Jo was originally a member of Dosu-Roku and Masa's gang. However after his near death thanks to Zann, he joins with Akira Fudo and assists him in his fight against the demon race. He has a more expanded role in the Amon manga.

Appearance Edit

Meriken-Jo is a Japanese teenager of average height and weight with an athletic build, messy brown hair, slightly squinted eyes, and a slightly long nose. He often appears in a school uniform that included his era's cap.


Jo had a tough and brutish character, however he was far kinder than he let off. He was best friends with Dosu-Roku and was loyal to his fellow gang members and Akira.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While not having any special abilities he had above average strength and fighting skills, often armed with brass knuckles.



  • Meriken-Jo was going to have a figure put out by the company Marmit, sadly however it never got made.