Miki Makimura
Vital statistics
Name Miki Makimura
Kanji 牧村美樹
Kana まきむら みき
Hepburn makimura miki
First Appearance Devilman (TV): Ep 1
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers Unknown
Alignment Good
For other versions of this character see:
Miki Makimura (Disambiguation)
 Miki Makimura was a major character from the 1972 Devilman anime. Devilman was sent to earth to infiltrate and help bring down humanity for his leader Zennon, however at the first sight of Miki he fell instantly in love and dedicated himself to protecting her and humanity.


Miki was a beautiful girl which gained the eye of many people of both genders, she had brown eyes and short cut brown hair. Her outfits varied but her most iconic one was a low cut red dress with a white stripe down the middle as well a white collar, sleeve cuffs, and square shaped pockets on the waist.


Miki was described as a kind and beautiful girl full of caring and heart, both of which being revealed over the course of the series. However she was also quick to action and would often retaliate with a slap. She had romantic feelings for Akira, not knowing he had been replaced by her often savior Devilman. She would often tease her brother Tare, but did deeply care for him. She would sometimes mock Lala and was jealous of her flirtatious attitude towards Devilman. She was best friends with Chiako and got on well with Todaji and Miho.



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