Mico (OVA)
Miko Apocalypse
Vital statistics
Name Mikiko Kawamoto, Devilman Tollg (codename)
First Appearance Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Devilman
Powers Can emit acids from breasts and crotch
Alignment Good
For other versions of this character see:
Mico (Disambiguation)

Mikiko Kawamoto (nicknamed Mico) is a supporting character in Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman.


Mico is a girl in her late teens. Unlike her Manga counterpart, her hair is colored green and wears more biker-esque in clothing. Beneath her clothes is the demon Tollg that fused with her prior to the OVA.

Another difference in her appearence, compared to that in the manga, is that she has elf-like ears and demonic fangs.


Mico, unlike her Manga counterpart, is a bit more aggressive. While she still has a soft spot towards fellow Devilmen such as Yumi, she is very serious when it comes to fighting demons.

​Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Arguably similar to those of her manga counterpart.


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