Mikiko Kawamoto
Vital statistics
Titles Unknown
Gender Unknown
Age Devilman Grimoire
Physical attributes
Species Unknown
Powers Unknown
Alignment Unknown

Mikiko Kawamoto (nicknamed Mico) was a major supporting character in the manga Devilman Grimoire. She was good friends with Asuka Himura and the two became an item at the end of the series.


Mico was a girl in her late teens with short black hair and blue eyes. She wore the same outfit throughout with a leather jacket, checker hat, short shorts and leggings. As Devilman Tollg, she could bring out the slug-like demon throughout the main section on her body with Tollg's face on her crotch, and on her chest were a pair of holes that released a deadly venom.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While Mico was less powerful than her fellow Devilmen, she could summon the demon she had fused with from her body and emit powerful acid from her crotch and breasts.



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