The unamed mother of Nami Kayama was a Devilbeast the main antagonist of the Wings of Darkness story in Devilman Lady.


As a human she was a large, ugly and obease woman, however before her partner had left her she had been described as being thin and beautiful. 

In her Devilman  form she resembled a mix of a human and a crow, she loses much of her weight and her arms form into large wings.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

In her Devilbeast form she could fly at fast speeds with her wings, and useing her claws and beak she could shread through materials with ease.


Before her partner had left her for another woman, she was described as a happy carefree girl, but later after her daughter became famous she became more piggish and greedy, to the point her own daughter was unable to decide if she loved her or hated her.


In the past she was described as being very happy with her partner however when he left her for a younger woman she lost her beauty and became bitter and sour, she made forced her daughter Nami to be as famous as possible with her singing career.

Years later she has became heavily obease and bitter, to the extent that her own daughter had begun to hate her. Shortly before one of Nami's performances she had been talking to her manager Suganuma about Siren's and other greek myths when her mother comes running through yelling at the two for not being ready, much to Nami's annoyance.

Later the same night, in her Devilbeast form she is seen flying in the night sky across Tokyo, she comes across a drunken man who reminds her of her father, she swoops down and claws his face leaveing him screaming in pain. Later after the attack had been reported Jun Fudo and Lan Asuka arm themselves with BB Enzyme Guns and go out in search of the rouge Devilbeast. The next night she lands down on a young couples car causeing them to drive over the edge of a cliff killing them both. She then spies a woman that had knocked into Nami after a performance one night and swoops down for the kill, however Lan hears her screams and follows the screams, after arriveing the devilbeast leaps at Lan however she is repelled when Lan fires several Enzyme bullets into her chest. Jun arrives and picks Lan up, they tail the devilbeast to her home. Inside Nami is shocked to see the creature come through her window, however it reverts into her mother and Nami runs to help her just as Lan and Jun arrive. Jun pleads for Nami to let them take away her mother however Nami instead starts to transform her self, She attacks Lan, and starts to shread at her clothing at the same time Jun transforms into Devil Lady and attacks Nami's mother who had also now transformed again, she strangles her and breaks her neck, however Nami sees this and attacks Jun the two fly outside to continue thier battle, meanwhile Lan regaining her senses sees Nami's mother sneaking up behind her and tris to kill her, however Lan grabs a vase and smashes her on the head with it continueally until the woman had died.