Mizuho Nishikawa
Vital statistics
Name Mizuho Nishikawa
First Appearance Devilman Lady
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers Unknown
Alignment Good
Mizuho Nishikawa was a minor charecter from the Devil Lady ark The Rival.


Mizuho was a pretty Japanese girl in her early twenties, she was quite tall for her age.


She used to be a student of Jun Fudo's at the school she worked at, after she left, she and her freind Chihiro Shimura became members of Toriton Sports Club.

After a series of murders lead to Toriton's, Jun decides to investigate, whilst there she runs into Mizuho and Chihiro, at first Jun fails to recognise them however after she did they talk for a while before the are interupted by Jun's old advisary Aoi Kurosaki.

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