Mr. Okawa was the first major villian in the Devilman Lady series.


In his normal human form Mr. Okawa is a good looking man in his early twenties. His Devilman form resebled something like a larg man with a wolfs head. is hair also grew in mass and a pair of small horns grew from his head makeing him resemble soething like a traditional Japanese Oni Demon.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Mr. Okawa had no powers other than his inteligence as a human but in his Devilbeast form, he had sharp claws, sharper teeth and super strengh. His agility also became a lot more enhanced.


On the outside Okawa was shown to act kind and careing towards his students. However in actuallity he was a deciteful, manipulative psychopath who had been useing his position to have sex with his students, and whoreing them out for money  against their wishes.


Mr. Okawa is first seen in the first chapter talking to Jun Fudo, he tells her to take the schools tennis club up to the mountins for a trip. 


his human form.

Later after Jun had become the Devil Lady, a young girl thanks him for helping her with her work however he transforms and kills her. He is later seen in his Devilbeast form having caused havoc in a building, he is surronded by scared police before smashing through a wall and decapitateing one of them, he flees but is shot in the stomach, and so he goes back to his home to hide and recover. Later it is revealed that he was prostituteing some of the girls from his school. When Jun returns however he greets  her with open arms, Jun being somewhat attracted to him thanks him but one of the older teachers advises her to be wary of him saying he was hideing secrets from everyone, and sure enough he is then seen by Kimishima one of the girls he was selling out for sex. She says that she wanted to talk to him, he knows that she wanted to quit however he avoids the subject saying that she probably wanted a raise because of this she goes quiet, Okawa then has sex with her in the office.

Later that  night  when the school had closed and Jun was working late he arrives and transforms, he decides that he wanted to rape her before killing her. However at the same time Jun gets a visit from Lan Asuka who gives her a gun called the BB Enzyme Gun that had recently been desigened specifically to kill DevilBeasts. Lan then tells her that one of the schools teachers had transformed into a DevilBeast but not which one and was coming for her, Jun arms herself before noticeing a light coming from the school showers, for some reason she then strips naked and enters, she turn the showers on before hideing behind the door, Okawa comes bursting into the showers and realises she was hideing however he assumes that she was hideing in the stalls so her starts to go through them, at the same time Jun swings round with the gun and fires, she misses and Okawa lunges at her but she shoot again hitting his back, he jumps from the third shot landing on the cealing, he jumps from that and knocks the gun from Jun's hand. She falls to the ground and he moves in to rape her, but Jun kicks him in the crotch and she leaps for the gun however Okawa repays her by kiccking her in the stomach, he then moves in again before reeling back in pain clutching at his head.

It turns out that Lan was  psychiclly assulting his mind causeing him to reel about in pain and return to his human form revealing himself to Jun, he screams and flee's. Lan appears and tells her to take the gun and follow him but she says that she didnt want to, they argue but Okawa retuns having turned back into his Devilbeast form and grabs Jun, Lan takes out a pistol and shoots him in the sholder, causeing him to drop Jun, he punches her to the ground and tears away her clothes and starts to rape her, Jun pleads him to stop but he ignores her, Jun now enraged transforms into Devil Lady and punches him into the cealing, he lands on it and attacks, he tackles her to the ground and bites her. Mean while Lan having regained her senses takes the BB Gun and follows the nosie of the two fighters. However just before entering Jun is sent flying into her knocking them both down. Lan hurts her leg and Jun and Okawa continue to fight. Okawa attempts to flee but Jun kicks him to the ground and smashes him thruogh the stomach and rips out some of his bones before shoveing them back in, she then moves allowing for Lan to shoot Okawa with the BB Gun.

On his last legs he smashes through the cealing and flees again, he dresses back into his clothes and comtemplates over what had happend, he then realises that he could blackmail Jun over what he had seen and started to leave but as he did so Kimishima the girl he was selling for sex calls him out and runs at him, stabbing him in the hart with a knife,leaveing him to die on the ground.

However he did not die and he was sent to the Samuelson Institute in America where he is experimented on by Dr. Jason and other scientists. However conicidentaly whilst Lan Asuka is being shown around the Institute, Okawa manages to escape, he runs into Jun were the two immedeatly recognise each other, he transforms but a pair of Devilman security gaurds come running and knock Okawa out, taking him back to his cell.