Mr. Yashiro
Vital statistics
Name Mr. Yashiro
Kana 八代
Hepburn Yatsushiro
First Appearance Devilman Lady
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers None
Alignment Good

Mr. Yashiro is a minor character in the manga Devilman Lady.


Mr. Yashiro was a middle aged man with neat dark hair and squinted eyes.


Mr. Yashiro was shown to deeply care for his daughter Hiroko and his wife. He also seemed to dramatise things quite a lot.


After Hiroko was rescued by Jun from being raped by a group of Devilbeasts, she awakens in hospital to find her father, mother and Jun looking over her. She lets out a scream thinking Jun was amongst the monsters that attacked her, but her father calms her down and tells her how she resued her and the other girls from a burning building. 

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