Nafiro was a small cat like demon seen shortly after the birth of Devilman.


Nafiro resembled a small black cat, however in actuality he had large bat like wings, a spiked rigid layer of back bones sticking out from his back and some shot spike horns.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nafiro is only seen breifly in flight.


After Akira Fudo had beaten up Dosu-Roku and his gang, Nafiro observes the boy and realises that he was the boy who had taken over the body of the hero Amon, before laughing and transforming into his true form and flies away into the night to spread word.


  • In the manga Devilman Grimoire the demon Jacon (origonally a cat demon from the anime) takes the place of Nafiro, and even does battle (Albiet breifly) with Amon.