Nagoy is a minor Demon from the original Devilman


Nagoy is a massive lump of lava with molten rock attached to his body, his only real distinguishable feature is a small featureless face with a mouth and a pair of eyes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nagoy can travel anywhere underground. His body gives off an intense heat unbearable to humans and contact with the demon would mean an instant death. He can also cause himself to explode and spread himself around the surrounding area.


Nagoy is one of the demons that are in the demon swarm that attacks Tokyo after the announcement by the Demon Lord Zennon. After a massive kamikaze demon flies into a power plant it explodes and causes a massive wave of destruction around Tokyo. Because of this several fire engines are sent to deal with the destruction, however one of the engines is stopped in its tracks when a massive rock smashes up from the ground that then reveals itself as Nagoy that then explodes and lands on the fire engine instantly melting it and its crew.