Najuwarle is an aquatic demon originally seen in the Devilman manga.


Najuwarle was a humanoid demon with dark markings across his body. He has a massive set of sharpened teeth, and small sunken eyes. He also had ridged fins across his head and body.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Najuwarle is capable of swimming and breathing in deep waters.


Najuwarle is first seen lying down on the ground covered in body wounds after an off panel battle with an enraged Akira Fudo before he is defeated by Psycho Jenny

Later having seemingly healed from his wounds, Najuwarle is seen amongst the many demons who assault Ryo Asuka at his home shortly before Psycho Jenny restores his true memories as Satan.


  • Najuwarle's history is somewhat sketchy, first appearing as presumably a corpse, before he returns alive attacking Ryo, then finally a Devilman like him appears during the assault on the Anti-Demon Corps HQ. This may indicate there are more demons like him or that he had multiple hosts.