Nami Kayama's Father
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
First Appearance Devilman Lady
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers Unknown
Alignment Neutral
The father of the Japanese pop idol singer Nami Kayami, she could only vaugelly remember his appearence as he left her mother for a younger woman when she was just a child.


Acording to Nami's mother he was an American marine who was staying in Japan, he was well musceld and towered over her. he had a thin moustache and slicked backed hair, other than that she could barely remember him.


He was present when Nami was still a very young girl, she remembered him, herself and her mother on a beach one time and while she made sand castles he and her mother played in the water, she rememberd him towering above her, holding her like a little bird in his mighty arms. However he eventually left with a young blonde girl never to be seen again by the two, because of this her mother became incredibly protective of Nami, sacrificeing her beauty to do so.

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