Naojiro Abashiri


Vital statistics
Name Naojiro Abashiri
First Appearance Mazinger Angels
Species Human
Physical attributes
Powers None
alignment Neutral

"Ho ho, the prettiest girl after Sayaka..."                              'Naojiro to Miki Makimura

Naojiro Abashiri was a recurring character in the Mazinger Angels manga. He isn't really an antagonist but a minor nuisance.


Naojiro was a large boy in his late teens, he had thick black hair and a mullet, large eyebrows and small red tattoos under his eyes.


In the Devilman arc Naojiro has a brief appearance. He is seen watching the girls playing sports at his school when one of them complains to Sayaka, she prepares to confront him however instead Miki Makimura confronts him instead, Miki tells him to leave however Naojiro just flirts with her annoying her, however Devilman in the image of Akira Fudo comes down and confronts Naojiro and beats him to the ground.


  • Naojiro is originally a character from the manga Abashiri Family, which was dropped by the author Go Nagai to write Devilman.

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