New Demon Lord Dante
Vital statistics
Author Go Nagai
Illustrator Go Nagai
Published on 2002
Published by Kodansha

New Demon Lord Dante (新魔王ダンテ, Shin Maō Dante), also published as simply Demon Lord Dante (魔王ダンテ, Maō Dante), is a 2002 Seinin action-horror manga by Go Nagai. It continues and retells parts of Nagai's unfinished Demon Lord Dante from different perspectives with additional and a few changed details.


The story begins with an expanded account of God's attack on Soddom. Scientist couple Dante and Medusa are saved by their college Satan who takes them on his aircraft to their laboratory. There they, along with their coworkers Beelzebub, Astaroth, Asmodeus and Lucifer, Satan's sister, board weaponized aircraft in order to fight God. Meanwhile God possesses and forcefully merges inhabitants of Soddom into two giant warriors, Adam and Eve, and outfits them with armor constructed from the wreckage of the city, before preceding to kill off the remaining inhabitants. Dante and the scientists arrive and take down Adam, but in the fight the fires of God merge them with their aircrafts, thus turning them into demons. The people freed from Adam are similarly turn into demons by the flames. The parts of God that inhabited them fly off and posses other creatures, creating angelic beings. The demons and the angelic beings go to war and ultimately it is down to Dante and Eve. At first it looks as if Dante has the upper hand, but when Dante brakes Eve's helmet he recognizes his younger sister Olga in Eve's forehead. Eve seizes the opportunity to stab Dante and seal him inside the Himalayas.

The story shifts to the time frame of the original series. Medusa and a grope of Satanists are trying to use her psychic abilities to awaken the memories of Dante's reincarnation, Ryo Utsugi. Later Ryo witness a woman being assaulted by a armed men. Ryo comes to her defense, but before a fight can brake out the men's superior intervenes. The superior reveals himself to be Ryo's friend and kendo-teacher Sosuke Oshiba.

During Ryo's next kendo-class Oshiba have the very same woman brought in by his underling. Ryo is forced to watch as they brutally beat her. Eventually she transform, revealing herself to be a demon, and Oshiba decapitate her. Later Oshiba take Ryo to the men's headquarters and they reveal themselves to be members of "Guardian Justice", a militant subsidiary of the secret organization "Souls of God", tasked with finding and annihilating demons. Ryo eventually joins their cause.

As Ryo continues to work with Guardian Justice he also meets and grows closer to Medusa's human persona, until one day Oshiba and his underlings come to incarcerate her. Medusa tries to escape but is rendered unconscious by Archangel Metatron, head of "The Thirteen Apostles" the highest order of Souls of God.

Medusa mentally contact Sho and tells him of the Satanists plan to sacrifice his sister Aya in order to resurrect Dante's body. Ryo brakes into the Souls of God headquarters and free Medusa. She fly him to the satanist's mass where Ryo manage to save Aya, but is consumed by Dante in the proses.

Dante begins to destroy Tokyo in a confused blood fueled rampage, but eventually Ryo regains consciousness. Ryo separates himself from Dante's aircraft, but still retain demonic qualities. As he flies away he across another demon named Zennon. Zennon who had sided with God attacks Dante with his army of 100 demons. Dante defeats some of them but is eventually forced to escape. When Ryo return home Aya reacts with shock seeing him alive and when footage of Dante's rampage, showing Ryo in his forehead, is aired on TV Ryo have to escape again.

Ryo instead seek refuge among the now-homeless inhabitants of Tokyo, but Zennon and his army arrive and start killing them off. Ryo confronts Zennon and the two fight. Ryo re-merge with Dante's aircraft, regaining Dante's original demon form, and kills Zennon. The rest of Zennon's army are scattered as Medusa, Lucifer and Satan arrive. Together they help Dante regain his memories.

At the same time Adam and Eve reform at the Souls of God headquarters. Aya is brought in and is revealed to be the reincarnation of Dante's sister Olga. Like her previous incarnation she is forced to become the centerpiece of Eva and placed in her forehead. Archangel Metatron take the same place in Adam's.

After this all-out war erupt between the demons and the God-aligned humans, but eventually God leaves the involved humans and regain the forms he used to attack Soddom. The demons defeat Adam and Dante manage to free Aya-Olga from Eve, causing her to collapse. Without Adam and Eve God is defeated by the demons and leaves earth.


  • Demon Lord Dante/Ryo Utsugi: The leader of the Demon race, one of the first demons created after accidentally being created by God. He led a thousand year revolution against God but was eventually encased in ice, until he was eventually managed to split his human form up and subconsciously managed to get the two to reunite and eventually restarted his battle with God.
  • Medusa:
  • God: God was an ancient alien deity who came to the Earth and attempted to wipe out the current civilization, however in the process he accidentally creates the demon race. he could create various bodies for himself sending out multiple numbers at a time.
  • Olga/Aya Utsugi: Dante's sister and her reincarnation, Aya, Ryo's sister.
  • Archangel Metatron:
  • Zennon:
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