Odom was a large demon that was captured by Dr. Rainuma to test on his new Demon Busters.


Odom was very large with its body covered in black fur. It had three fingers on each hand, its head resembled something like a moth with a pair of antenna in its bumpy forehead, its eyes appear to feature eyeshine and its mouth contained a pair of tiny mandibles.


At some unknown point in time Odom was captured by Dr. Rainuma and his scientists. He kept it in a large sealed cage for a while, until he had figured the perfect weapon against demons in the acid caused by the Devilman  Mico's demon suit Tollg. He used the acid and made Biological Bullets and then sent a pair of Demon Busters to test the new weapon on Odom, it instantly leaps at them but is shot with the bullets were it simply stands and stares a few seconds before melting into a steaming pile of sludge.