Professor Asuka
Professor Asuka
Vital statistics
Titles Unknown
Gender Unknown
Age Devilman: The Birth
Physical attributes
Species Unknown
Powers Unknown
Alignment Unknown
For other versions of this character see:
Professor Asuka (Disambiguation)

Professor Asuka was a famous archeologist and the father of Ryo Asuka. He was possessed by a demon not long after discovering the Demon Mask.


The Professor was a well built man, he had black hair and a beard, he wore glasses to help his sight, he smoked when under stress.


He was a loving father, however his fusion with the demon caused him to battle with his humanity, eventually dying as a Devilman.


After discovering the strange demonic mask whilst on an expedition and trying it on he gets possessed by a demon and and forces him to kill Ryo's dog John. When Ryo confronts him he laughs and locks him out of his study. Then late one night he attempts to kill Ryo when he was sleeping however Ryo blocks his attack. Briefly regaining control of his actions he runs away and locks himself in his study before setting himself on fire to free him from the demons control.

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