Psycho Jenny is a character in the OVA crossover film Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman. She only appears briefly after the credits in the final episode and speaks no dialogue.

Appearance Edit

Psycho Jenny resembles a naked human female with a very large head in place of her upper body. She has large red eyes with blue-and-yellow-coloured iris. Her hair is purple and covering the entire part behind and beneath her face. Her mouth is wide and filled with white large teeth. Her legs and arms are slender and similar to ordinary human.

Personality Edit

Although Psycho Jenny always shows grinning expression, it is unknown whether she has emotion at all.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Psycho Jenny shows no known power because of her very little screen time. However, judging from her appearance in the opening credit, it seems that she retains her ability in the original manga to project her psyhic power through her eyes. Psycho Jenny is also capable of entering house without being noticed by the occupant.

History Edit

After the fierce battle between Amon and Atun, Ryo Asuka is seen typing at his room alone at night. While he is busy typing, Psycho Jenny walks behind him before stopping and staring at Ryo silently. It is unknown whether she wants to restore Ryo's true memories as Satan (just like in the original manga), or she just simply wants to check Ryo's condition after the battle.

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