Rasber is a demon from the Deluxe Edition of the Devilman manga. He takes on part of Zann's role from the Original Edition.


Rasber true form resemble a massive amount of white spider's web, but he can uses it to create himself other, fake bodies. He primarily have them resemble spiders, but he has also taken on other forms.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rasber could create various physical bodies for himself in any form, and multiply them by the hundreds, he could fly and also spew out and acidic web whihc could slowly burn away flesh.



Rasber posing as Akira.

After Akira Fudo had beaten Masa, Dosu-Roku, Manjiro, Meriken-Jo and Tetsu in a very brief fight atop the school they are confronted by a strange looking girl who asks if they want a chance to beat Akira in a fight, they agree with some reluctance and she suddenly explodes into spiders which posses the gang.

They hunt down Akira, and find him in a classroom talking to Miki Makimura they again battle, but Akira takes care not to hurt them to badly as the had only been possessed and not fully taken over by the demons. After dealing with them they pledge their allegiance to Akira and join him in his quest against the demons, which is useful as almost immediately after they are surrounded by the schools sports teams who had all been possessed by spider demons as well, Akira tells the gang to protect Miki as he goes off to search for the spider hivemind. He finds Rasber in a disguise replicating Akira, with a massive spider atop his head. Akira took a swing at Rasber but suddenly disappears, and all the possessed humans suddenly stand still as the spiders controlling them detach themselves and fly off into the sky.

There they merge and spread their web over the school area, enfolding Miki and Dosu-Roku's gang. Rasber reveals that he plans to use the acidic properties of his web to dissolve and then consume them, before doing the same to Devilman. Akira destroy the spider he believes to be Rasber, only to discover that it was a decoy and the true Rasber is the webs themselves. Rasber enfolds Devilman and precedes to try to live up to his earlier threats, but Akira proves to strong for him and he is ripped apart.