Ryibyi is a demon of a plant like origin from the original Devilman who served under Zann


Ryibyi is humanoid in appearance with large leaves covering his entire body, leaving only his sunken eyes and sharp toothed mouth uncovered.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ryibyi is never shown using any physical or psychic attacks but if any they would likely be plant based.


Unlike many of the more minor demons, Ryibyi's brief scene at least gave off a bit of his character. He apparently had a friendship with the demon Kaim and wanting to kill Akira Fudo to get revenge for his death. He was more than happy to disobey the orders of some of his leaders to do so.



After a long fight Devilman is finally knocked out by a one of Psycho Jenny's psychic attack's, afterwards Ryibyi and many more demons come swarming around. Ryibyi comes to the front and attempts to kill Akira, however the demon general Zann comes flying down and stops Ryibyi in his tracks, Zann says that he was given an order not to kill Akira. However Ryibyi says he would ignore Zennon's order if it meant killing demon kind's greatest enemy, however Zann then tells Him that the order did not come from Zennon but Satan himself. 

Later when Ryo Asuka returns to his home he starts to find things out of place such as his old photo's of himself having a differnt person entirely in them, however he is suddenly swarmed by a large group of demons including Ryibyi, the demoness Psycho Jenny then reveals Ryo's true origins as Satan.