Ryo Utsugi is the founder of the Devilman Corps and leads them as Devilman Zennon after acquiring the power of his namesake. Unlike other incarnations of Ryo Utsugi, this one is unrelated to Dante who appears a separate character. The ending reveals that Utsugi is actually King Solomon. He is faced as the final antagonist of Devilman Grimoire.

Appearance Edit

Utsugi is a young man of average height with messy brown hair and brown eyes. He is always seen in a blue suit. As Devilman Zennon, he is a towering being with three faces on his head, large wings, a face on the chest, and hooved feet.

When Zennon's form is beaten, Utsugi conjures up the powers of the demons he fused with over the years and even fused with Sawako Kanzaki giving Utsugi a new centaur appearance including his humanoid torso covered in dark fur with bat-like wings on his arms. His head has three faces with the center one having a lion-like head while two other faces of a male and female are on the right and left side respectively, and Sawako's Devilman face is on his chest. The horse-like body possesses pegasus wings and have spiked up hair near the joints.

After this form is beaten it is reverted to a winged centaur form that possess a pair of horns extending from the sides of his head and a pair of wings on his back with the left wing resembling an angel's while the right wing is a dark colored demonic wing.

His original appearance as King Solomon wore the ragged clothing of his time including a turban. He also had a beard and wore a ring on his finger.

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  • Utsugi in this incarnation is unique in the fact he has no relation to Dante, who appears as a separate entity in this series.
  • The heads on his first alternate Devilman form are all based upon various characters from Jushin Liger.