Udoa Kira is the deuteragonist of Devilman: Strange Days. He is good friends with Kasuka Ryuu and the two are members of the amateur rock band, The Flyers.


Kira is a tall 17 year old boy with shoulder-long white or bleached hair. When not wearing his school uniform he is shown in basic t-shirts and pants. One of his shirts had a cannabis motif and another had the picture of a cow.

Kira's Devilman form has a pair of white wings on his back and another on his head. He also has feathers on his shoulders and right lower arm and leg as well as markings on his face and upper body. His eyes lack pupils and his skin looks somewhat inorganic.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

His wings enables him to fly and he has the strength to cut an armored man in half with a single movement.


Kira was best friends with Kasuka Ryuu and Rokurou Ozu, and good friends with the Mikimura sisters. He was an easy to annoy person with a short patience; however he was often able to keep this under control until snapping at the state of humanity.


At an unknown time he fused with an unnamed demon becoming a Devilman. He formed The Flyers together with his classmates Kasuka Ryuu and Ozuroku. After the death of Yasohachi Yamagishi, Ozuroku and Ozuroku's girlfriend Saki Mikimura at the hands of the Demon Special Investigation Corps he joined the demons and fought on Satan's side during his final battle with Akira Fudo.

Connection to Ryo Asuka/SatanEdit

Like several other characters in the Strange Days series Ryuu is based of of Ryo Asuka/Satan from the original Devilman. The first similarity is in his appearance being a handsome blonde male in his late teens with his Devilman form also resembling a strange sort of Angelic being, another being his relationship with Kira. His character is very similar to Asuka's as well (perhaps closer to Kinutani's interpretation than the original). The final being that both Ryuu and Kira dying in a very symbolic death.