Saiko Katsuragi
Vital statistics
Name Saiko Katsuragi
First Appearance Devilman Lady
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers Unknown
Alignment Good
Saiko Katsuragi is a Japanese psychiatrist who worked at the H.A. she would help any Devilmen who was in need of psychiatric treatment.


Saiko was a young woman with blond hair and glasses. Both times she appears she is wearing her proper uniform.


After Youko Suzuki had hypnotized Jun Fudo, she started to have bad dreams so she went to consult Saiko who talks about Jun's troubling nightmares, she says that she could still be fearing Aoi Kurosaki her past swimming rival, after Jun leaves however Saiko calls in her assistant Hatanaka having realized that she had been hypnotized.

Later after a failed attack on the Cult of Dante, Jun barely manages to escape with her life she consults Saiko who tells her to go and rest up, when Lan Asuka arrives, Saiko directs her to Jun.

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