Satan, also known as Satan the Wise One and Demon Lord Satan, is a minor supporting character in the Demon Lord Dante anime series, serving as the "Big Good" of the series.


Satan, in his first appearence, is seen wearing a robe, a crown, while holding staff (giving the impression that he is a priest of some sort) with facial markings lining down his eyes. He had blonde hair with green eyes.


During the flashback, it was shown that he deeply cares about his fellow people, enough to turn down God's demands. This caring side even extends to humans to a degree (notably with Saori Utsugi, whom he had attempted to break free from God's control).

As the Demon Lord, he had gained a great amount of wisdom during his long captivity as a prisoner, enough to not underestimate God.

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  • While referred to as "Demon Lord Satan" in English translations, the Japanese versions actually pronounces his full title as "Daimao Satan" which technically translates to "Great Demon Lord Satan". This tendency was previously used in CB Chara Go Nagai World when referring to Devilman's version of Satan.